Monday 31 March 2014

Preview: 23rd Wave Gotik Treffen – The Darkness of Whitsun

The 23rd Wave Gotik Treffen
6th-9th June 2014

A festival for 23 years has proceeded in the eastern land of Germany, established on the idea of two Gothic followers; they had a dream creating a dark minded gathering, covering all corners of the subculture, which could be relaxed, music orientation and celebration during Whitsun.

In 2014 throughout Leipzig 20,000 Visitors are expected to flood Leipzig in stygian light, as Wave Gotik Treffen takes its place as the international meet up for the questionable souls.

The Music
All across the city 200 artists will perform covering sounds from synthpop to Medieval, and compared to other Gothic festivals, there is something for everyone. One thing that will most likely be your problem will be choosing the artists you want to see. With a program the size of three A4 sheets on both sides, is your list of bands for 4 days spread across 30 venues. The bands come in all their Sizes from the big headliners to the unknowns, discovery is what naturally occurs here. That includes the venues, from the underground lairs of the Moritizbastei, the Industrial tomb of Werk II and the Magnitude of the Soviet built Markthalle.
Names such as Hocico, Apoptygma Berzerk, Siva Six, The Klinik, Solitary Experiments and XP8 have already been announced. To check out the continuously updating list of confirmed artists, check out the link below:

2014 Exclusives
An exhibition by Alien artist HR-Giger will be on display exclusively. Also the Auto Mobil International festival will be taking place within the same weekend, thus collections of hearses will be on display with professional photo shooting taking place.

Halle 1 is the epicentre of the Gothic market. Open from midday on Friday, the variety of garments accessories and bondage rope on offer is vast. All genres are usually catered for and clothing if seen should be bought, as by the time you’ve though about it and returned it will most likely be gone, as some of the bespoke quality that comes to Wave Gotik Treffen is unsurpassable, especially all in one place.
Opening times for Halle 1:
Friday 12pm-1am
Saturday 11am-1am
Sunday 11am-1am
Monday-11am -11pm

4-Day-Tickets for all events within the 23rd Wave-Gotik-Treffen Whitsun 2014 are available for €99 (including advance sale charges).

Do not Fret! Free Public Transport
One great thing about the festival is that public transport throughout Leipzig is free for those with their wristband. Though do bear in mind trams will be busy, and a few thousand people in black could possibly have the same travel time as you!

Airports to fly to would consist of Leipzig/Halle, Dresden, Berlin or Frankfurt. Leipzig/Halle is a small airport, so it could be easier or cheaper to fly to one of the other several and take advantage of the German rail network to get to your destination.
Driving is easy enough if you are willing to do so, though be aware of the need to purchase emission stickers if driving through Leipzig city centre to the main ‘Agra’ Messepark. Otherwise you should be fine.
Parking tickets for the festival can be also purchased off the official WGT site at €15.

The Festival has the "Obsorge" camping grounds amounting to the cost of €25 per person. Though seeing as the events go on throughout Leipzig, there is a fruitful volume of accommodation available to suit you and could also allow you to be closer to what you came to see at WGT.

The festival looms three months away. After the performance of last year, there is no reason not to see as large, or if not a larger number of beautiful animals of black retake the city of Leipzig. So now all that is left is to hand wash the delicate garments and pack the sunblock!

Preview by Dominic Lynch aka DJ LX-E

Check out Sad goth for the lonely planet guide to WGT!

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